From the time when golf was first invented to the present day much of how the game is played has remained the same - a real testament to the game.

Unfortunately, scoring, tournament organising, leaderboard updates, handicap calculations and many other aspects of player and club administration had also kept the tradition – time consuming and laborious.

Whilst each club offers a different course setting, there is often little else to give the players a distinctive golf experience.

We believe it is possible to provide more, not by working harder but smarter. Smart technology simply means the ability to provide more features and benefits without sacrificing usability, control, flexibility or extensibility.

Furthermore, our expert understanding of your requirements will enable us to design solutions specifically tailored to your immediate needs, whilst retaining the flexibility to extend and expand with your future business ideas.

Simple – user interface
Management – secure and flexible
Affordable – rapid return on investment
Robust – failsafe for your business
Technology - extensible