Card printers

Gobex offers card printers from Evolis. We have a long experience with the Evolis card printers and their products satisfy most requirements considering quality and speed. Evolis is a leading European manufacturer and delivers many innovative products with a good support for encoding while printing.

The advantages with Evolis are:

  • Easy to use - easy and intuitive user interface in addition to a free copy of the eMedia card designer software comes with the printers
  • Speed - loading cards and printing are fast
  • Flexible - print text, graphics, bar codes and photos, and at the same time encode magnetic stripe, smart card or contactless smart card like Mifare
  • Quality - 300 dpi (dot pr. inch) in full colors for excellent quality of cards
  • Secure - support for holograhic overlays
  • Long lifetime - from 3 to 10 years lifetime for cards that are printed (dependent on usage and lamination)
  • Robust and almost maintenance free - easy mechanisms and cleaning


The different models of card printers from Evolis are Tattoo, Pebble, Dualys, Quantum and Securion. All give the same quality, but with some differences.

  • Tattoo - simple printer with room for 100 cards in the input hopper and 15 in the output hopper. USB connection and a speed of 40 seconds for printing one card in full color.
  • Pebble - a little bigger printer than Tattoo, with room for 50 cards in the output hopper. USB and Ethernet connection and using 24 seconds on a card for full color printing. Possible with encoding.
  • Dualys - as Pebble, but with dual side printing and room for 100 cards in the output hopper.
  • Quantum - for bigger jobs with 1000 card capacity in both input and output hopper.
  • Securion - as Dualys with dual side printing, but also with lamination.

Gobex can also deliver Evolis' mechanisms for card printer for custom fitting in e.g. kiosks. Read more about Evolis on their pages at