Smart card

Gobex delivers smart cards and related services. Our brands of cards and tags include the Mifare standard, which has a number of different utilisation areas. We can e.g. deliver Mifare cards and tags that can be used in most access control system for these kind of contactless units. In addition to attractive pricing, the cards can also be printed with custom designs. Please contact us regarding what services we can offer for you!


Gobex can provide many different Mifare cards and tags, from standard sized cards to key ring or wrist watch tags. The Mifare Classic comes with a memory of 1k and 4k bytes (encrypted) and the more secure Mifare DESFire and Plus (Q4 2008) comes with 2k or 4k bytes, All cards can also have a magnetic stripe in addition.

The advantage of using a contactless card is the user friendlyness. As a card can only be waived in front of a reader, it's really easy to use such a card. One card can also be used for multiple application areas, like payment and access control.

Smart cards

Smart cards is the generic term of cards with memory or processing power. Mifare is a standard for contactless smart cards, but smart cards with a visible chip also exist.

These cards come as low end, low security cards, to hig end, high security. Especially, for transactions of money, high security is wanted and neccessary. These kind of cards have advanced encryption buildt in and one type of encryption often supported is PKI (public key infrastructure).

Gobex has high expertice in security and encryption, so please have a look at our services for what we offer regarding smart cards and high security solutions.