Innovativ klubb

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Today’s discerning golfers have access to an ever increasing selection of golf clubs from which they could choose to play golf. It has become ever more important for clubs to offer a distinctive golfing experience beyond the course landscape.

The challenge is how can clubs increase player enjoyment, receive higher revenue and improve membership retention. One solution is to adopt Gobex GOLF.

  • Automatic game calculations
  • Effortless turnkey solution
  • Integrated handicap system
  • Streamline tournament system
  • Live leaderboard and online broadcasting
  • On the course refreshment requests
  • Personalised green fee gift card
  • Self organised social tournaments
  • Self select game score formats
  • Simplify membership, POS and access control

Since installing Gobex GOLF in 2004 we have had many positive feedbacks from the players on how simple and exciting the system is to use. Automatic game scoring, handicap updates and live tournament leaderboard has given a new dimension to playing at our club. The technology has really changed our service provision, enabling everyone to do more with less effort. It is simply the best investment we have made.