Lidenskaplig golf

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Most golfers practice at a range and perhaps occasionally with a coaching lesson or two, to help improve or maintain their game. Frequently they notice a real difference between practice on a mat and actual performance on the course. To make real and lasting improvements, practice and competitive conditions should be indistinguishable.

Using Gobex GOLF, key areas of the game, from driving accuracy to putting consistency can be captured and later analysed to support game improvement plans.

  • Capture individual live performance
  • (Analyse key performance areas)
  • Individual player statistics online
  • Continuous handicap updates
  • Informed coaching lessons
  • Players’ forum
  • Reduce data entry effort and errors
  • Small group tournaments

The simplicity of recording actual performance has given a new insight into game tuition. It has enabled me to tailor lessons to be more focused and rewarding for everyone. If you play competitive golf, you need to understand your game under competitive conditions – Gobex GOLF does this simply and reliably.