Turnering med stil

Denne siden er foreløpig på engelsk...

Before any tournament proceedings can get underway a great deal of planning and preparation has to take place to ensure a successful event. Gobex GOLF will make organising tournaments effortless.

Every player is given an individual intelligent electronic score card; this enables their performance to be captured and followed as the tournament unfolds. Live leaderboards, online and other broadcasting mediums are made possible with wireless transmitters.

It doesn’t get much closer to having a major championship atmosphere.

  • Simplifies tournament management
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reduce data entry blunders
  • Inform players’ standing
  • Play different game formats
  • Real-time live score
  • Record key performance records
  • Tournament leaderboard

Organising a tournament using Gobex GOLF now takes us minutes rather than hours when we did things manually. Having a live scores leaderboard has also created a new excitement in the club house we have not seen before.